How to Choose Data Line

2019-03-25 17:05:24 Source:admin Browse_times:93

It is generally believed that the most important factor in choosing and purchasing data lines is price. In fact, this is the biggest misunderstanding. Just mentioned, according to the manufacturer, the data line can be divided into domestic brands and unlicensed ones. There are miscellaneous brands in the unlicensed ones. The quality is really poor. One of the three is bad, which makes customers constantly suspect that their computer level is too poor. How to install a computer? So it is the key factor to distinguish the quality of products and find good sellers.

    More powerful sellers are generally the guarantee of product quality, because they do not want to sell the data lines are returned and exchanged, not to mention the back and forth postage bar, even time and energy will also be consumed. Therefore, gold medal sellers will cooperate with famous and reputable manufacturers, which generally have a failure rate of 1%, while some poor manufacturers have a failure rate of 30%. This is why the price difference of the same model function data line is two times. For example, DKU-2 data line sells for 12 yuan, 25 yuan, and the express delivery is 15 yuan. If the 12 yuan is inferior and can't be used normally, you should call the seller for consultation. A phone call lasts for at least 10 minutes (and maybe many times), conservatively estimating the telephone fee of 5 yuan. Under the guidance of the seller's telephone, it still can't be used properly, resulting in the exchange of goods, so you have to pay at least 15 yuan more for mailing (at least you send back the money you used to pay for it yourself, only 12 yuan for a thread, the seller can't possibly stick 15 yuan more for you, if you don't get it, the express fee for the buyer's exchange is still on your head, that's 30 yuan), so the total price is not much higher than that of 25 yuan. The root line is up. It's just a loss of money. If you spend three nights playing with this thread, the loss of time is even more incalculable. What's more unfortunate is that the data lines can't be used properly. I think your mood will be.... Even if they are the same data lines, buyers will enjoy different prices and services from different vendors. High prices may be accompanied by a series of services, such as free testing, technical consultation, website download, free package replacement, guidance and installation. Why is the price of coffee bar higher than that of milk tea shop? The same is true for different services and grades. Therefore, we have always firmly believed that one price, one goods, data line is not only the price of the line, but also the content of technology and after-sales services in it, low prices and services can not always maintain a balance.